Constellations Workshops

The constellating approach is a simple yet profound method that can be used to shed light on the unhappiness and distress in our lives, which often occurs as a result of unresolved family issues. Constellation work addresses a wide range of issues including:

• Fractured and difficult relationships between couples and family members
• Relational and professional problems at work ~
• Chronic illness, addictions, depression, lack of motivation
• Bereavement, loss, suicidal tendencies, ancestral issues
• Adoption, abortion, illegitimacy, incest, rape
• Family secrets, ruptures, divorce, violence
• Life changes and choices, assessing strategies and solutions
• Finding and feeling our own resources and strength

Used first as a diagnostic tool, and then as a map to the healing solution for all members of the system, this approach reveals the hidden landscape in which the limiting and blocking issues faced by individuals plays out. It restores appropriate respect; it cultivates healing and supports interconnectedness and unity and has a powerful and empowering role to play in both personal development as well as in organisational spheres such as team building, training, leadership, focussing on purpose, mediation, and goal setting.

This approach can be used within a personal session. Every step is clearly explained and professionally and confidentially held. No prior experience is required.