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about me

I've been coaching individuals, couples, families and teams since 2006 and have been facilitating groups since a year later.


On the surface, this was a surprising step to take after 20 years in the restaurant business, but it has always been about looking after people.


Equally, being half English and half Lebanese has perhaps given me compassionate insights into conflicted relationships and was likely the driver behind a lifelong impulse to bring people together.


I draw from numerous wisdom traditions I've eagerly sought out after 40 years of enquiry and training.


In 2013, along with my wife Emma, we took a risk on a ruined farmhouse complex near Bordeaux in South West France and after a year or two of blood, sweat and tears, we now host full season of personal growth and creative workshops alongside an all-year series of bespoke relationship retreats, find out more about our French Retreat here.

I am a musician, artist, husband, father of three and grandfather of three. 

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