couples' intensive

Image by Priscilla Du Preez
Image by Priscilla Du Preez
This private workshop is for you and your partner only, at a time convenient to all.​

I work with you both together and separately to get to the roots of your relationship dynamics.


DAY ONE is about saying both the things you've not been able to say AND being heard and understood on the things you've been saying repeatedly. Equally, it's about witnessing your partner.


DAY TWO is focused on letting go of past resentments. We focus on honouring the past and releasing it's hold on us. Ultimately it is a grieving ritual about saying goodbye to what no longer serves you and opening up to a positive future.


DAY THREE has a more flexible structure which creates the opportunity to vision the futures you both want as well as managing the overlaps and differences well. This third day also creates the space to focus on specifics that have arisen in the previous two.

WHO IS IT FOR? The intensive is open to any couple whether keen to stay together; unsure/ambivalent; committed to parting; or both differing.

It is tailored to fit your specific experience as a couple.

Dates: By arrangement

Price: €2680

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