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Whilst we are on lock-down in France...

I am happy to report that at the time of writing me, my family and loved ones are all safe and well. Me, my wife Emma and our youngest are currently enjoying the blessings of our retreat centre – not, as expected in the company of clients as usual, but alone and obeying the French governments directive to stay put. There are many worse places to be and I’m grateful.

My working life has been affected however, we have cancelled our trip to the Middle East where we were to run various relationship workshops and Hoffman events and with the next two Hoffman Processes in the UK cancelled, considerable doubt remains as to when normal life will resume.

In the meantime, it is my intention to make the most of the situation. It feels like a time to slow down and value the simpler things - family, the spring, spiritual practice and creativity.

It is also my intention to remain available to new and established clients through my ongoing online coaching work. And to adapt my intensive couples’ approach to an online format.

Recognising that we all face challenging times I have reduced my fees substantially. My hope is that this will support the ongoing work I do as well as make my work more accessible for the duration.

With love and thanks,

Matthew Pruen


ONE TO ONE COACHING SESSIONS 60 minutes €65, 90minutes €95

COUPLES’ INTENSIVES (9:30am-4:00pm + breaks) 1 DAY €450; 2 days €850; 3 days €1200. For more information about the content see here


To find out more or to book please contact

Payment is in Euros (Easy with Currency Fair or PayPal)

We meet via Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or Zoom.

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