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relationship Courses

The intention with my couples courses is to get people connected again, by clear communication, witnessing each other and rebuilding respect, trust and intimacy. They also set couples up with tools to work with independently. 


A private three day workshop for you an your partner only


Making Relationships Work, for a maximum of 12 couples 

I welcome people of any gender or orientation. 


Finding Love a two day workshop for up to 24 people


Bespoke workshops last three days and are arranged at a mutually convenient date. 

They can be residential at The French Retreat and non-residential in Winchester. To see if this course is right for you book a free no obligation chat about for you and your partner here.













RELATIONSHIPS courses for couples


4-7 June 2023, The Heart of Relationships, France, residential (also open to to individuals)

16-17 September Making Relationships Work, Winchester non-residential

relationship Courses for individuals

4-7 June 2023, The Heart of Relationships, France, residential












If you'd like to discuss which course is best for you please get in touch by email:
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