"Despite years of advanced education in communication, negotiation and business leadership, neither one of us had received any training in effective conflict resolution in relationships.  Matthew taught us how to communicate with compassion and without judgment.  He helped us to find new and better ways of resolving conflicts and how important the words we use can be.  In working with Matthew, we were able to restore the love that had been buried under years of conflict and resentment and to move forward. Matthew has a gift in being able to cut through the rhetoric and get to the heart of the problem, indifferent to back stories and blame, and nurture reconnection between two people. We have recommended Matthew to a number of close friends and continue to see him a few hours every quarter for an “MOT.”

Mr & Mrs S. & K. M.

"I met Matthew at The Hoffman Process and subsequently worked with him on Individual Coaching and Team Building within my company.

One of the first things you notice is Mathew's sense of humour, vivacity, empathy, engaging manner and exuberant personality. A natural born leader and a person one automatically disarms to, allowing you to open up and engage. On speaking to those who work with Matthew among my team, an underlying theme emerges in that he brings passion, enthusiasm and an innate sense of fun to his work – even to the mundane aspects of teamwork. 

I always came away feeling that Matthew has refined the art of managing people’s expectations, showering those around him with his contagious optimism and self-belief."  

Ilona Pacia: corporate client

"After four day's of relationship coaching with Mathew, my family came in from the cold. We allowed ourselves to be vulnerable and to hear each other for the first time without passing judgement or misinterpreting what the other was saying. We are now committed to each other and after decades of strife, we siblings are not only wonderfully close but genuine friends." 

A. L. : family relationships client. 



The French Retreat family therapy workshop is extremely beneficial and transformational. Matthew has given our family an entirely new language, which enables us to communicate with each other more appreciatively and compassionately. During our five day retreat, Matthew was unreservedly present, and committed to us. We all felt, and continue to feel, the benefits of his knowledge, wisdom and love.


The calm environment, the comfortable accommodation and the excellent food of the French Retreat all sustained our work and contributed greatly to the success of our retreat.

David, Sheila, Robbie and Jack: family relationships clients