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Peace building

Peace building Middle East
Matthew Pruen

My childhood origins in the Middle East (my father was a British UN diplomat, and my mother Lebanese) have inspired a life-long passion for initiatives that reconcile east and west.

I deliver The Healing the Wounds of History programme in Lebanon, developed to help to heal the deeper roots of violence. The programme is delivered  to teachers, trainers, NGO workers and refugees.


The causes of violence are rooted in recent but also older and even ancient historical grievances, memories and traumas. These driving forces usually remain unexamined. By unfolding and deconstructing them, individuals can begin to understand where many prejudices and impulses for violence against the other are held.

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An evaluation of the programme occurred in 2015. Below is a small selection of relevant information:

  • Participants expressed that personal growth and forgiveness as the result of participating in the HWH workshops was connected to their capacity to integrate the learning(s) in their personal and professional life.

  • 85% of the participants reported having been able to integrate learning into their personal and professional life.

  • Participant testimony: “the nature of my work requires that I heal myself as much as possible to be able to help others to heal too and not project my own sufferings onto them. It also requires that I work on myself, forgive myself, accept myself in order to accept my future patients with an open mind and no judgement.”

  • Reports from teachers that have taken part suggest that the tools and exercises learned at the HWH workshops can be used in their teaching and work with young people.

  • Participant testimony: “I work with high school students and school is a structure that doesn’t create the space for various aspects of a person to come into place. We focus most on the intellect not how can we educate the ‘whole child’. This workshop has given me techniques to use with my students in my classes.”

  • The overall evaluation concluded that 89% of all stated aims and goals had been met according to the participants, the highest being ‘deepening the connection between self and Other’ at 98%.


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